Not all who wander are lost

starry night

Tread among the waters,

For they know how to flow,

Tread among the wild,

For they know how to survive.

Tread to know yourself,

For in this journey,

Destination is half the tale.

We at PinkBasket like to have Gypsy feet once a while. And that has been a constant source of our inspiration. It is nice to let go off everything, pack a bag and run away to find our own selves. For this journey makes us grow in our thoughts and leaves us awe- struck.


If one tends to look around, there’s hardly anything of existence in nature that isn’t strikingly beautiful! How often have you fallen in love with the vast mountain ranges, expansive skies and gushing streams? With the radiant colours spread everywhere, the mind is bound to run astray. In wilderness, amidst the nature, lies true inspiration. We believe that jewellery is as much about the reflection of one’s journey as it is about one’s self.

To a traveller, mystery is dear,

for he knows not,

what streams he may pass by,

what music he would hear.

There’s something about untouched, unspoiled nature that simply soothes our soul, couple it with some adventure and an exciting travel is planned.A bewildering magic was cast upon us, the moment we laid our eyes on the beautifully carved roads of Leh, towered by the lofty wonders of nature. We travel to feel alive and that’s exactly how we felt. There was a spark of life everywhere-the air smelled sweeter, the sun was brighter, the greens were greener, the mountains were colorful and pellucid azure water. We felt, we breathed, we heard, we saw, we tasted the beauty that was incredibly potent, powerful and cleansing – and in those moments the time stood still.



“For one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Now, for a place is made by its people, on our journey we met the most extra-ordinary people who lightened up our days there and kept us warm. As unique as Leh, the people are nothing short of a treasure. Thank you for keeping us warm 🙂