Another Planet. Another World.


Immersing myself in a soulful song, with the music I drifted along

Breathing melody from every pore, entered the wild through the yellow door.

Saw the roads divulging from a wood, gazed at them for as far as I could

Took the chance that I was given, I was the driver, not the driven.


In the thrilling calm of nature’s embrace, cold breeze brushing past my face

I heard the voices-

Of the mountains, the plateau, the valley, the scree

Of chuckling streams, the gushing river, the waving trees.


When the heart was warm with the friends I made,

in a blooming symphony of trance we swayed

We were happy, we were high, we were together, we were free

We played, had fun, sang and danced in each other’s company


Then time led us to the same old track, but we know we’ll soon be back

Away from this hustle bustle, from worldly trouble and fear

A new world, a new planet awaits us-  another earth, another sky,

It’s another us- when we are there.