Sandy Feet

mdThe sparkling foam giggled at my feet,
washing away warm sand and worldly things.
Two shells of purest white i discovered,
fragile and together as an angel’s wings.

When the feet are carelessly immersed in sand,
And the waters from the beach gush towards the callous feet,
And the mind awe-struck by the more serene, the simpler pleasures of nature,
This is when the heart yearns to bottle up the moment and let it run along the waters.
For such a moment to last eternity,
This moment is translated into something physical,
A thing of attributes ever-lasting,
And so is art born.

PinkBasket’s major inspiration has been nature. To travel is to hear a music that is only audible to the ears more sensitive to nature and its creations. Where our travel to Goa always gives us inspiration to create jewellery that is closer to the beach,to our soul and to the ever-flowing nature.


Breathtaking Goa has always been a balm for the wandering souls. All we wanted was to capture this rapture into sea-shells, which can safely rest in our treasure-boxes through out our lives. Sandcastle features the exquisite jewellery, as precious and memorable as those pearl-white shells gathered from the shore. Nostalgic about our journey so far, it is a celebration of the peace  and joy that is Goa. And thereby, the sandy feet remain so for the rest of the years. Unwashed and unfettered by the tides of time…