PinkBasket is the earth, the sun and the rainbow in your life. It is a collection that will remind you of your last trip to that rustic hamlet, and of the glitzy mall that is your weekend hangout. It brings out the girl in you when they compliment you on how you’ve grown as a woman. At PinkBasket, we design and hand-craft each piece with the style of today, infused with an emphatic Indian soul.

PinkBasket is synonymous to elegance & charisma that a woman exudes. Every woman loves jewellery & we believe each of our creations promises to give joy to the wearer.

We understand the importance of the way jewellery interacts with human body & thus take special care while crafting each piece. The flexibility, links, convenient-clasps, the fall of a necklace on collarbones or the moving image of effortlessly flexible earrings- every technical detail should add to the sensuality of the wearer.

Our core philosophy is to create jewellery that is beyond the usual & to keep products exclusive we make only a limited number of pieces for each of our design.


At ‎PinkBasket, all our creations seek inspiration from the simplest form, adding various dimensions to things inspired from nature and other incredible subjects that exist in the world, art & architecture. When beauty strikes us in the simplest form, we transcend all boundaries known to us. For what is beauty if it does not cause a momentary lapse of reason?

We are in constant search for creative ways to frame, embellish, complement and/or contrast with a stone, color (enamel), filigree or any other technique to create interesting combinations. It evolves from diverse metal working techniques that our search, to expand our jewellery vocabulary, has led us to.

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Bedtime Tales

Bedtime Tales



We have all heard that no two snowflakes are alike. That’s the celebration of existence — nature is imperfect and asymmetric, balanced by happiness & beauty.  Taking cue from nature, our primary source of inspiration, we try and retain the luxury of the ‘handmade’.

Thus, our products will always be honest- showing off the solder marks, dents, irregularities. We revel in the imperfections, uniqueness & the personal touch that each piece owns and hope you take as much pride and pleasure in wearing our products as much we do in crafting them!